Friday, 1 June 2012

HRH Diamond Jubilee

This weekend marks the celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee marking 60 years of her reign over the United Kingdom. I think it is a good time for the nation to re-asses the united in United Kingdom, it marks the unison of four nations. Working together to support one and other, I think as a nation we are no longer united. I have observed a fair amount of negativity towards the Jubilee and the Olympics, I admit the Olympics might not be as much of a peoples occasion as it was first thought but I still feel that we should all support the Olympics and all the athletes partaking in them. In my opinion I feel that part of the reason we are in these current finical woes is because people are no longer united and working towards the greater good, we should work together to voice the views of the minorities and shout to stop wrong doings. If you saw someone being mugged would you stop? The most probable answer is no, this is because there is no longer neighbourhoods looking out for all their neighbours. We pull our curtains too and pretend to see nothing. Not that I expect many people will be reading this but for those that do lets take this weekend as a chance to reflect upon what it means to be united.

Photo by Rankin

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